3 Tips For Using A Roll-Off Dumpster Rental To Clear An Overgrown Lot

12 July 2023
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If you have a double lot and you've let the extra lot get overgrown with shrubs and young trees, it may be time to clear the lot so you can put in grass and utilize the space. If you don't want a bigger yard, you may want to put in a garden, swimming pool, or detached garage. First, you need to clear the land, and you may find a roll-off dumpster rental is a good way to dispose of all the debris. Here are three tips for using a roll-off dumpster rental for land clearing. 

1. Be Careful With The Weight

If you want to get rid of mature trees on the lot, you'll probably need to hire a tree removal company due to the weight of the trunk. The dumpster rental company may not accept huge trunk pieces, so you'll want to ask ahead of time. When you get a roll-off dumpster rental, you can choose the size you want, but in addition to the volume of debris, you must also consider the weight.

Each size container has a weight limit that you'll be told in advance. Since it may be difficult to judge weight, ask the rental company for advice about the trunk size limit you can throw in the dumpster. It is safer and better to let a tree removal company cut down big trees and haul the pieces away. You may still have several small to mid-size trees you can cut down yourself and throw in the dumpster.

2. Trim Down Bushy Plants

If the work will take multiple days, you might cut down shrubs and tree branches and let them dry out and shrink so they don't take up so much room in the dumpster. It's also a good idea to trim the branches rather than throw whole branches and shrubs in the dumpster because they take up too much room unless they are trimmed and tossed in the roll-off dumpster in an organized way. You want to maximize the space so you don't need to have the dumpster emptied and returned.

3. Ask About Mixing Soil With Tree Debris

If you need to get rid of soil too, ask if it's okay to mix it with tree debris. When you get a roll-off dumpster to clean up yard debris, you probably won't be able to throw in construction debris and household junk. Dirt might be acceptable, but you also have to consider that dirt is heavy. If you need to clear out a lot of dirt, you may want a separate dumpster for it due to weight reasons.

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