Dumpsters Make Cleaning Up A Foreclosed Property Easier

8 June 2023
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If you bought a foreclosed house or a house at an auction, it might be filled with old junk from the previous owners. Getting rid of household junk can be difficult since it's large and heavy. The best solution is to rent a dumpster so you can toss out everything fast. The good thing about another person's junk is that you're not attached to it sentimentally. Still, you might want to look things over to make sure you don't throw out anything that has a lot of value. Here are tips for clearing out a house full of junk you don't want.

Plan On More Than One Dumpster

A foreclosed house may have a neglected home and yard. The dumpster rental company may want you to separate yard waste from household waste, so you might need more than one container. If you'll also be renovating the inside of the house once it's empty, you may need to rent a trash container just for the construction materials.

Talk to the rental company to find out their policy for separating trash so you know if you'll need to rent multiple dumpsters or just fill one container and have it emptied and brought back until you're done with restoring the property. If you can have the container emptied and brought back, you may want to rent it for the long term. You may find monthly rates give you a price break over weekly rates, so you'll also want to discuss pricing with the rental company.

Plan How To Utilize The Space

Even if you can have the container emptied when it's full, you probably want to limit having that done due to the cost. Instead, come up with a plan to squeeze as much stuff in the container as possible. That way, you may only need it emptied a couple of times.

You can cut limbs into small pieces so they lay flat in the container. You might take apart old furniture so it goes in flat. Stacking junk eliminates wasted space in the dumpster. Throwing things in randomly creates voids that take up space and reduce the amount of junk you can squeeze in.

Be Careful About The Weight

You can usually fill a dumpster almost to the top. Your junk shouldn't stick up above the top, but just be close to it. However, if you're throwing out chunks of trees you cut down or if you bust up an old concrete slab, the trash will be much heavier than usual. You won't be able to fill a dumpster to the top with heavy junk. Talk to the rental company about the weight limit for their containers so you know how full you can fill your dumpster with concrete, dirt, or tree trunks.  

For more info about dumpster rental, contact a local company.