Properly Positioning A Rented Dumpster On Your Property

7 March 2023
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If you are about to remove unwanted items from your home or contemplating a home remodeling scenario, there is a need to have a collection area for trash during the entire process. Most homeowners rent dumpsters to contain unneeded items until a service hauls them away. The area you select for a dumpster rental to rest is important. Here are some points to keep in mind regarding dumpster positioning.

Keep Distance In Mind

When you have a service set a dumpster on your property make sure to select an area where you are able to access the container without difficulty. There are likely heavy or bulky items you need to contain. Because of this, the place you settle upon makes a difference regarding the number of footsteps you need to take to get items inside of the container. Do not have the dumpster placed too far away to ensure you do not struggle with carrying large or bulky items you want to throw away. It is also important to keep the dumpster far enough from your home so people or animals are not injured during its stay on your property. Ask the rental service to position the dumpster so it is not touching your home. Do not block doorways, and keep it far enough away that pets or small children are unable to access it.

Avoid The Street Area

Your rented dumpster is best kept completely on your property and not along the curbside area. This is especially important if people walk, bike, or drive past your home on a regular basis. If someone puts something inside of the dumpster, it is your responsibility for its presence. This includes hazardous materials. Added materials also fill up the space you need for your own job. Some dumpster rental services weigh their containers upon retrieval, which means you pay more for items others have included in the pile.

Be Aware Of Potential Hazards

Make sure the spot you select for the dumpster is nowhere near a fire source. This includes being away from vehicles you have on your property, out of the way of gas containers, and nowhere near chemical agents. A spot with several feet of open space around the container is best. This way you can check on the status of the container without obstructions to your view. Keep a fire extinguisher near the container while it is on your property in case of an accidental fire.