Ditch The Dumpster: 5 Construction Materials You Should Be Recycling

24 October 2022
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When you own a construction company, your construction sites generate a lot of waste. Ordinary waste can get hauled off to the landfill. But, there are other types of construction waste that shouldn't end up at the landfill. Those materials should get recycled instead. If you don't have a company-wide recycling program in place for your construction waste, now's the time to do that. Not sure what construction materials are recyclable? Read the list provided below. Here are five common construction materials that should get recycled. 


When you do remodeling projects, you can end up with demolished concrete remnants. Don't send the concrete to the local landfill. Add it to your construction material recycling program. Concrete can get recycled for use in other materials. This process is good for the environment. But, it's also good for you. Concrete recycling reduces your construction waste fees. That's because you don't need to pay to have it hauled to the landfill. 


If you have leftover gypsum products, it's time to add them to your recycling program. Gypsum is commonly used in home construction projects. In fact, drywall, and ceiling tiles are both made from gypsum. One of the great things about gypsum is it can get reused in a variety of ways. Recycled gypsum can get turned into animal bedding, soil stabilizers, and plant nutrients. 


If you own a paving company, make good use of your old asphalt. Recycled asphalt offers strength and durability for other projects. In fact, you can recycle old asphalt for your own projects. Recycled asphalt reduces demand for new asphalt production. Plus, recycled asphalt saves you money on your construction costs. 


If you're like most contractors, you have a lot of discarded wood on your construction sites. Luckily, that untreated wood doesn't need to get tossed into the dumpsters. It can get recycled instead. Your discarded construction wood can get recycled into wood chips, and mulch. But, you do need to separate your untreated wood from the treated wood. Treated wood can't get recycled. That's because it's pressure-treated with harmful chemicals. 


If you have discarded wire lying around your construction sites, it's time to start recycling. This is especially true for your copper wire. When you leave discarded copper wire at the job site, you increase the risk of theft. That's because thieves can get a lot of money by recycling copper wire. Don't leave your copper wire for thieves. Recycle it yourself, and make some extra cash for your company.

For more information, contact a construction recycling service near you.