3 Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Garbage Disposal Service

3 August 2022
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Garbage disposal companies help you avoid the costs associated with sorting, recycling, and delivering your trash to a landfill. However, there may be many garbage disposal companies in your city. You shouldn't necessarily pick the first garbage disposal service you come across. Instead, conduct some due diligence into the various garbage disposal companies available. Besides, failing to research different companies can lead to inefficient disposal services. 

Hence, here are three factors to consider when looking for a reliable garbage disposal service. 

1. Recycling and Disposal Policy

Most people don't care where their garbage ends up after a garbage disposal company picks it up. However, it is easy for your garbage to end up in the wrong place when improperly disposed of. Furthermore, if your poorly disposed of trash gets traced back to you, you could face a lawsuit for littering. 

Inquire about their recycling and disposal policy before hiring a garbage disposal service. The policy entails how the garbage disposal service handles the sorting, recycling, and disposal of your garbage. A reliable garbage disposal service should have an efficient recycling and disposal policy that adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) rules on recycling and disposing of various types of garbage. 

2. Garbage Pick-Up Schedule

Before hiring a garbage disposal service, consider how often they pick up garbage in your area. In most cities, garbage disposal companies pick up garbage daily or at least several times a week. Some disposal services pick up trash once every week. 

The frequency of garbage pick-up is an essential factor to consider because it affects your garbage turnover. If you produce a large amount of garbage, you want it picked up more frequently to prevent it from overflowing. But, if you have small amounts of waste, extend the pick-up schedule.

When choosing a garbage disposal service, compare the pick-up schedules. 

3. Dumpsters Provision

Most homeowners don't own dumpsters. Thus, they either have to buy or rent the dumpsters before using a garbage disposal service. Before hiring a garbage disposal service, inquire whether they will provide you with dumpsters or not. 

Most garbage disposal services provide dumpsters to their clients as part of their services. But if a garbage disposal company doesn't offer dumpsters, you will have to buy or rent them elsewhere. This may prove to be expensive in the long run.

Hence, it is more convenient to use a garbage disposal service that provides dumpsters to save you the trouble of renting or buying. 

Contact a local garbage disposal service to learn more.