5 Tips To Build A Safety Culture Around Your Rented Dumpster

14 January 2022
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A dumpster can help keep your business work site clean and free of hazards. But if not well-controlled, that same dumpster can make things even more dangerous and chaotic. How can you ensure that everyone uses the dumpster correctly and safely? Here are five things to do to build a safe culture around your dumpster. 

1. Start With Safety. Start as you wish to lead when it comes to prioritizing safety. Choose a safe, level, and solid location for the dumpster itself. Keep it free from high traffic areas and those with a lot of ongoing work. Make sure everyone can access it easily and no one will have to maneuver obstacles while carrying items to be tossed. 

2. Write Down the Rules. Written rules go a long way to making sure that all employees are on the same page. The ground rules for dumpster use should outline what can (and cannot) be put in it, the limits of how high it can be filled, whether or not employees can throw personal waste in, and prohibited horseplay. Go over the guidelines with all staff and post them near the dumpster as well. 

3. Name a Point Person. If people have questions about what they can put in the dumpster or are concerned about a safety issue, who can they contact? If you don't give them a point person, many employees will either look the other way or make their own best guess — which could be wrong. Assign a knowledgeable but fair person to guide people who have questions. 

4. Service the Unit. The less it seems like the company cares about dumpster safety, the fewer employees will do so. So schedule regular garbage removal so trash doesn't pile up dangerously. If the unit becomes damaged or stressed, have the waste removal company service it. And if you discover you need a larger dumpster, don't skimp on renting a more appropriate one.

5. Provide Alternatives. What items must not be put into the dumpster? Make alternative arrangements for common things on this list. If you don't want employees' personal waste included, can you rent a dedicated, temporary dumpster for an employee cleanup day? If hazardous waste cannot be thrown in, arrange for the pick up of these items instead. When you provide options, people are less likely to violate the rules. 

Want more tips for building a safety culture around your rented dumpster? Start by consulting with an experienced and reputable dumpster rental service in your area. With their help and these tips, you'll have a successful, risk-free dumpster experience. 

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