Important Services That A Dumpster Rental Company Regularly Offers

29 October 2021
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When you have a major cleanup project ahead of you, you may quickly realize that you cannot leave larger items out on the curb for the local garbage service to pick up and remove. You have to find a way to dispose of them without breaking the law, causing clutter, or inconveniencing the neighborhood.

Instead of loading up and taking away garbage little by little during the project, you can lease a large container in which to place it. You can get that container and other important services from a reputable local dumpster rental company.

Variety of Container Sizes

When you need to lease a container for your cleanup project, you may want to reserve one that is a specific size. You might need one that is larger than the bins that the local trash hauling service provides to the property. At the same time, you may not need one that is dozens of yards long.

Regardless of the size that you need, you can typically find one that will suit your cleanup purposes from a dumpster rental company. This type of business has several sizes available for clients from which to choose. You can lease the one that best serves the purpose and gives you plenty of space for throwing away items of which you will need to dispose of.


The dumpster rental company may also deliver the container that you lease to your cleanup site. You may not have a flatbed at your disposal for loading and moving it yourself. You also may not have a trailer hitch or a pickup truck that can accommodate the container's weight.

The dumpster rental company, however, may include delivery in the price for which you lease it. You may have it delivered to your cleanup site the same or the next day after you sign the lease for it.

Emptying and Removal

Finally, the dumpster rental company may include emptying and removal services in the price that it charges you. You can have the container emptied as needed while you work. Once you are finished with the cleanup project, you can also have the dumpster loaded up and removed from the worksite. You avoid having to empty and bring it back to the leasing company yourself.

A dumpster rental company offers numerous services for leasing clients like you. It may offer a variety of dumpster sizes. It also may deliver, empty, and remove the container as part of the price that it charges you.