Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hoarding Clean Up

18 October 2021
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A hoarding disorder is characterized by difficulty getting rid of belongings due to a perceived need to keep them. Hoarding can lead to your home being filled with unnecessary items that may get filled with dust, possibly leading to allergic reactions. Also, overcrowded items may provide good breeding grounds for pests such as mice that can chew on your valuable property.

Hence, if you have this disorder, you should consider hiring a hoarding cleaning company. However, you need to know the cost of the cleanup to plan your finances accordingly. If you want to estimate hoarding cleanup costs correctly, here are the factors influencing these services:

Property characteristics

The characteristics of your property can influence the cost of a hoarding service depending on the following:

  • Location: If the hoarding cleaning service covers a long distance to reach your home, you're likely to pay more for the service. Hence, consider hiring a local company that's nearby to reduce cleanup expenses.
  • Size: If you have a big property with hoarded items, this means that the hoarding cleanup company will spend more time and labor clearing the site. The property size is determined by the number of rooms and extra structures such as sheds and garages.
  • Property type: If you reside in an apartment complex on the top floor, eliminating the hoard may be more difficult, which means higher hoarding cleanup expenses.

Understand the type of property you have to estimate the cleanup costs accurately.

The Amount and Type of Hoarded Items

You may have a small amount of hoarded items that hoarding cleaning services can quickly eliminate. Thus, such processes cost less than disposing of large amounts of the hoard. Additionally, the type of hoarded items influences the cost depending on the cleanup process required.

For instance, cleaning up hazardous materials that risk human health requires highly trained professionals with the right protective gear. Also, if you're hoarding bulky or heavy items such as furniture, these may require special lifting equipment or laborers to eliminate the hoard. In return, the hoarding service can be more expensive than eliminating less bulky and lightweight items.

Choice of the Hoarding Cleanup Service

Every hoarding cleaning company charges a special price. Therefore, you need to identify a company with pocket-friendly prices. In this regard, compare quotes from various companies and identify the most affordable service. Also, check for experienced companies with offers such as discounts. This will help you to reduce your hoarding cleanup costs significantly.

The factors that affect hoarding cleaning services include the choice of hoarding cleanup service, the property characteristics, and the amount and type of hoard. Contact a hoarding cleanup service to learn more.