Leasing Dump Trailers For Your Industrial Worksite And Toxic Cleanup

22 September 2021
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OSHA typically requires owners of industrial complexes to abide by stringent safety rules. One of these rules involves disposing of toxic materials in a safe and responsible manner. 

However, you may lack the containers and capacity to get rid of biosolids and sludge in your factory. Instead of dumping these substances in regular garbage receptacles, you can lease dump trailers that are designed to contain and transport them safely.

Avoiding Toxic Leaks

When you secure dump trailers for your industrial site, you can avoid leaks of toxic substances like biosolids and sludge that could risk your factory being heavily fined or possibly even closed. The dump trailers that you can lease are designed to contain these substances safely. They will not crack, break or rupture when you load them with toxic materials that you clean up from or create as a byproduct in your factory.

Because they are built to contain these substances, the dump trailers allow you to abide by OSHA rules for getting rid of toxic materials. You avoid having to place them in regular trash containers, flushing the substances down the sewer, or finding places to dump them illegally.

Large Capacities

The dump trailers that you can rent for your industrial site are also built to hold gallons of toxic waste. They are deep and wide enough to contain large quantities of substances that you may need to clean up and remove from your factory in a single day. Their dimensions spare you from having to get the dump trailers emptied frequently and brought back to your property to continue the cleanup job.

Removal Included

Finally, the dump trailers that you can get for your industrial property may be rented with removal services included. The business that you lease them from might agree to come pick them up when they are full. You avoid having to hire a transport service to come pick them up and empty them for you. You also avoid having to lease or buy a flatbed hauler on which to load and remove them yourself when you have finished your cleanup work.

Dump trailers serve an important purpose on your industrial property. They are durable enough to safely contain a variety of toxic biosolids and sludge. They allow you to abide by OSHA requirements for the safe disposal of these materials. They also contain gallons of waste and can be removed for you.