Frequently Asked Questions About Dumpster Permits

4 August 2021
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A dumpster rental comes in handy if you want to get rid of dirt and debris from a construction project or household waste that cannot be eliminated through the local garbage disposal bins. When you rent a dumpster, it is crucial to consider the size and type of waste you will be disposing of. You also need to consider whether you need a dumpster permit. Here is some basic information on dumpster permits.

When Do You Need a Dumpster Permit?

A dumpster permit isn't required if you place the dumpster in a privately-owned space or your driveway. Also, if there is a homeowners association in your neighborhood, you can seek permission from them and, therefore, don't need a permit. 

In many cases, a dumpster permit is required if you'll place the container on the street, sidewalk, or public property. The requirements for a dumpster permit vary depending on where you reside. For example, in New Orleans, you're required to obtain a dumpster permit if you're going to place the container in front of your house in public view. 

In Denver, a dumpster permit is required if you'll place the container in the public right-of-way. However, the permit should be obtained by the dumpster rental service and not the client. Research widely and also consult your dumpster rental company on permit requirements before shopping for a dumpster for rent.

How Do You Obtain a Dumpster Permit?

Getting a permit for your dumpster is a straightforward process in many jurisdictions. In some areas, the dumpster rental company will obtain the permit for you. If the rental company doesn't handle the permit, you can inquire from them about the process of acquiring a permit.

Start by contacting the local city hall to connect you with the department of dumpster rentals. You'll be asked to fill out the permit form. Some areas offer online permit form submission, while in other places, you'll be required to fill the form in person. The permit approval process will take a few days. It's advisable to plan ahead because dumpster permits are valid for a limited period.

How Long Does a Permit Last?

The duration of dumpster rental permits varies depending on your jurisdiction. For example, if you reside in Rancho Cucamonga, you can place your dumpster on the street for only ten days. In other municipalities, you can obtain weekly permits until your project ends.

If you exceed the time indicated in your permit, you'll be required to pay monetary penalties. It's advisable to consult your dumpster rental company on the duration of dumpster rental permits and the rules for exceeding the dumpster permit time limit. 

Contact a local dumpster rental service to get your questions answered.