Why Work With A Sustainable Office Furniture Removal Service?

28 July 2021
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Are you worried about what will happen to old furniture items you junk when moving offices? There are more concerns about the eco-friendly disposal of furniture items for environmental sustainability. Dumping old furniture in landfills hurts the environment with non-biodegradable compounds. Working with a sustainable office furniture removal service has several benefits for the business and the environment. 

Limit Harm to the Environment

Many modern office furniture items and appliances are made using synthetic materials. For example, most durable plastic items have a plastic compound called phthalate. This compound breaks down to release volatile organic compounds. These compounds last long in the soil and cause harm to living organisms and plants. The harm passes on to humans when they feed on these organisms like fish and vegetables.

A business office furniture removal service that is environmentally conscious seeks to promote the 3Rs — reuse, recycle, and reduce. A purposeful approach to furniture removal using the 3Rs plays a big role in reducing harm to the environment.

Donate to Worthy Causes

What is junk to you is gold to another person. Many people would find good use for old furniture that is still in good condition. If you are doing office remodeling, it would be better to donate those items to charities working for worthy causes, like community supplementary education programs. 

Sustainable office furniture removal services have a network of donation charities that ensure they reach those who need them. Functional desks, cabinets, chairs, and computer tables can save these charities a lot of money in office expenses. 

Enjoy Tax Benefits 

Donating can reduce your tax liability because donations are deducted from your taxable income. If you are remodeling and have workable furniture items, have them valued before donating. The fair value of these items is deductible.

A business office furniture removal service can organize the donation paperwork, including receipts showing the value of the items and the beneficiaries. More donations translate to lower taxes. 

Reduce Expenses With Upcycling

A lot of material used in making office furniture can be repurposed and upcycled into other useful objects. For example, wooden furniture can be milled to provide material for wooden items such as doors, and metal can be smelted to make new metallic furniture.

A sustainable office furniture removal service can arrange for repurposing of your items at the workshops that handle this kind of work. The savings can be significant, especially when working in a big office.

Would you like to see your old office furniture disposed of in an eco-friendly way? Talk to an office furniture removal service that promotes sustainable disposal.